Thursday, April 24, 2008

Election 08 -> Hillary's healthcare, a nice thought but impossible in practice

Personally I feel that Hillary Clinton's health care plan is irresponsible. Immediately provide everyone in the country with health care...a nice thought...but we haven't got the money. Think of it this way, we're running 2 wars, and diving into debt, the economy has taken a downturn, and there's no longer a tax surplus, health care for everyone will cost money we don't have, taxes will go up, and the economy will further stagnate, or the government will go further into debt. Even if we were to stop both wars right now, it wouldn't happen.
A smarter idea would be to worry about Afghanistan, Iraq, the economy, and most importantly alternatives to fossil fuels. It would be much better to fix Iraq first. I always learned as a kid that I'd have to clean up after myself, not cleaning up Iraq before we get out would turn it into an extension of Iran's foreign policy "death to America" and a terrorist breading ground.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

WTF scooter?!?!?!

What the Fuck, scooter isn't getting prison time, come on, we spend all this taxpayer money on expensive secret prisons and instruments of torture and we can't use them on someone doing a crime equivalent to treason?!?!?!? Shoot him, do anything just don't let him go unpunished (or let him off with a fine). His information could have cost the agent her life, he should at least get a charge of reckless endangerment brought up against him and go to jail for that. Plus his name is scooter, a little advice, that's some childish bullshit, he should at least receive a public beating.